10 reasons to try Omninote in your medical facility

  1. Reduce time employees are away from their desks to deliver a message.

  2. Reduce the number of internal phone calls leaving your phones available for patient and physician calls.

  3. Reduce overhead paging. Your practice will be much quieter!

  4. Eliminate the problem of the nurse being unaware that a patient has arrived and is in the waiting room.

  5. All messages are time and date stamped with both sender and receiver getting a copy. Reduces "finger pointing."

  6. Enable practice to handle patient add-ons and walk-ins quickly and efficiently.

  7. Ability to broadcast a critical message to everyone at once. Example, a nurse is ill today.

  8. Medical Records will save personnel time by using Omninote for requests. Also, Omninote will provide a second copy as an "out guide."

  9. Omninote is inexpensive. Rental is as little as $1.25 per day per station.

  10. Discreet communication maintains patient confidentiality.


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