The best way to streamline medical operations is to guarantee it in writing

  • Omninote frees up nurses for patient care, speeds patients care, and gets request for refills to the doctor in writing.
  • Add-ons can be quickly scheduled.
  • Staff is more efficient and productive with reduced phone time “on hold” and fewer missed messages.
  • Eliminates loud and distracting overhead pages, ensuring patient confidentiality.
  • Announces patient arrivals silently and efficiently. Arrival time is time and date stamped.
  • A single source point for doctors’ messages
  • Chart requests can be filled faster.
  • Requests for lab and x-ray work can be facilitated.
  • Dispensary link-up can simplify and speed prescriptions.

Omninote speeds patient flow. Because Omninote prints an easy-to-read message, vital data (such as patient names, file numbers and prescription details) are accurately transmitted, and verbal errors are reduced. Every message shows the data and time.

Omninote lets you send and receive printed messages to and from everyone on your staff at the push of a button. It instantly links everyone so communication is faster, more accurate, and more effective.