Wiring specifications

The Omninote system is a standalone, text message system that will use a dedicated dry wire-pair to form a LAN for communication.


Cabling Category 3 or better
Termination RJ11 jack placed in close proximity to the AC outlet used to power the Omninote unit. Label as Omninote.
Cross connection Standard 66 or 110 block strapped so as to provide all desk stations with one common circuit.

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The Omninote system consists of one (1) System Controller and any number of networked desk units. The controller and each desk unit requires an RJ11 jack using pins 1 and 2. These must be in close proximity to the unit's AC source and labeled as Omninote.

In the telecom closet, a dry wire-pair from each of the user stations is terminated to the 66 or 110 block. The Controller may be installed in the telecom closet or at a desk location with its assigned dry wire-pair terminated to the strapped (common) side of the block, following polarity.

Terminate all desk units to one side of the block, following polarity. The other side of the block should be strapped, following polarity, to provide a single, common circuit. Bridge clips are then installed to pass signal from one side of the block to the other.

The principle is the same for 110-style blocks using cross connect wire to daisy chain all stations into a common circuit.